First year at PYOD

growing a business

First year at PYOD

Learning as a side effect of running a business

What started as a joke between two nerds 🤓🤓 at the beginning of this pandemic like

  • 👧🏻"We should have a “sticker shop”
  • 👨🏻"Ok let’s do that"

Evolved very quickly into a business, that we both take very seriously. We do this business besides our day-to-day jobs. We learned so much in the last year:

  • 🖨✂ product knowledge of printing supplies like different papers, printers, how to ensure clean cuts
  • 💯 becoming customer-obsessed and continuesly improving service and quality
  • 🤖 automation to focus on the most important things
  • 🤝 long distance collaboration
  • 💡 ideation
  • 🔊 marketing

Developing a start-up

💯 Our sticker shop nowadays already has:

Taking it to the next level

As if this wasn’t enough, we are super proud, that we also did custom stickers for companies, communities and conferences, which made us think again about the impact our little start-up has. What’s next? Consultant answer will always be: It depends! Let’s see, where this adventure takes us.

Do you have a cool idea for a sticker or swag or even something else? We love to work with you, please send us an email to!