Devlife and rubberducks

have your little debugger whereever you go

Devlife and rubberducks

DevLife and rubberducks

We know, sometimes, you need a little help of your friend - the rubberduck. Rubberduck debugging has a long history for developers - for good reasons. Slowing down your thinking, not rushing over your code but carefully explaining your code and your thoughts to someone helps us understand and find bugs 🐞 more easily. As we don’t always have a friend nearby, rubberducks come to the rescue. Our rubberducks stick 😎 with you and on your devices and will be there for you!

Custom rubberduck stickers for everyone!

We created not only rubberduck stickers for you, so you can stick them on your laptop, but want to also give you the ability to customize the rubberduck. Need a special logo or color for your Laptop?

We will happily do that! Order your custom rubberduck today - or equip your whole team with them!

Interested? Just send us an email to - we love to hear from you!