PYOD Story: Our stickers are handcrafted

how our business evolved from design to owning the complete value chain

PYOD Story: Our stickers are handcrafted

how it started

When we started to sell stickers, it was already was a huge adventure for us, as this was our not only our first online-store but also our first real-world collaboration (apart from some sessions we did in the past together). You can read the story how we run this business in Elio’s blog, but in this post we want to share, how our approach to provide everyone with mindfully resonating and nerdy high-quality stickers changed over time. Last year in May we started e hand two about two hands full of sticker designs, ordered 50 from each design at a printer service, took pictures of them and launched them in our store.

how it’s going

Over time, we upgraded our business and bought a sticker printer, a sticker cutter and a laminating machine and professionalized our process of hand-crafting stickers for you. First, there is a joke, a pun, some funny idea, and then one of us will say the magical 5 words: “That should be a sticker!” - And then we start to brainstorm, how this sticker could look like and design it. After that, we will experiment with the right size, colors and material to print the new sticker on. Some of those test-prints will make their way on our personal laptops, as we want to see, how the sticker will really look like “in the wild”. When we are satisfied, we will quality-test and then print the final version, take a picture and then launch that sticker in our store.

Handcrafting stickers of course takes more time, but it is so rewarding to be able to control every step from “That should be a sticker” until we get a “Thank You” post from our beloved customers on social media. It does not only reflect how dedicated we feel towards PYOD and how much this store is close to our hearts, but also means that we can make sure to offer super high quality for any amount of custom stickers.

You want a sticker? You get a sticker!

You an idea for a custom sticker in mind and would like us to print them for you and your team? Just send us an email, we love to make even the impossible possible!