PYOD story: How we started to do PixelArt stickers

from fun in Excel 😇 to a new category in our store

PYOD story: How we started to do PixelArt stickers

Excel? Excellent start!

Both Luise and Elio are addicted to Lego, and Luise is a huge PopArt lover. Over holiday season 2020/2021, Luise did a lot of Lego Art. While she was literally doing Art dot by dot, she felt inspired to explore some Pixelart as well. As she never experimented with that, she used for her first minimal lovable ❤ products what was already installed on her laptop: Excel 😃. She set up all cells to be square, defined backgroundcolors as reusable cell styles and figured out how to create the illusion of round shapes from scratch. Her first works were a gorgeous collection of characters that we all know from our favorite movies and videogames- superheroes, magicians and a famous italian plumber :-)

Take it to the next Level

When we tried to create stickers from Excel files, we needed to realize, that this wasnt the best approach. Although the designs looked cool on screen, we couldn’t easily export and print them in high quality. As Elio already did some Pixel Art stickers for us with a special application for that, he got Luise up and running to transition from Excel to Aseprite in no time. Recreation of all designs took some time, but was totally worth it. We released already the first batch of Marvel associated stickers and can’t wait to get pictures of these stickers on your devices! We will soon release the next batches, please stay tuned- you can also subscribe for our newsletter so that yuou don’t miss new stickers and discounts! Yet again this story is a proof of our #betterTogether approach: We learn and share and use our various skillsets to evolve and bring value to you!

More Art?

You have something similar in mind and would like us to print some custom stickers for you and your team? Just send us an email with your ideas!