Our loyalty program

A discount program for our returning customers

We ❀️ all of our customers, but if you are a returning customer we want to do something special. That is why we launched our loyalty program.

What is our loyalty program?

We love to make you happy with stickers. To give you even more #stickerlove, we are very proud to introduce you to our loyalty program.

For each € 1 spent in our store, you get one PYOD πŸ’Ž point. When you subscribe for our newsletter you get 5 PYOD πŸ’Ž points.

When reaching 50 PYOD πŸ’Ž points, our services willΒ automagically πŸ¦„Β send out a personal discount code that gives you a € 5 discount for your next order.

How long is my discount code valid?

Your discount count does not expire.

How many discount codes can I get?

Depends on how much you spent in our shop πŸ˜ƒ. For each 50 € you get a 5 € discount code.

Does shipping fee count?

No, you need to shop for 50 € excluding shipping fee to get a 5 € discount.

When do I get my discount code?

We have an automated process for this with some Power Automate and Azure Function magic 🎩. For each order, these tools will automatically validate if you have enough PYOD πŸ’Ž points to get a discount code. If this is the case, you will receive an automated email from us with your discount code.

I want to make a massive order - will I get an additional discount?

Please send an email to hello@pimpyourowndevice.com, maybe we can provide you with a better deal.

What is my current PYOD πŸ’Ž point status?

As our website works user-less, we do not have a portal where you can check your current PYOD πŸ’Ž points total. Still we will be able to provide you your current PYOD πŸ’Ž points total. All you need to do is provide your email address, and our services will send you an email with your PYOD πŸ’Ž point status.